Board Portal and Board Management Software – What Is the Difference?


Board portal and board management software issues are becoming increasingly important in practice and are reflected in the economic literature.

Board Management Software and Its Disadvantages

In the logistics sector, board technologies are used to consolidate traffic flows and improve the efficiency of operations. The industry today uses technology to help process the data it collects to more accurately model operations, sales patterns, and traffic flows, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Distribution center automation is also generating increased consumer demand for quick delivery of goods home.

Board management software involves the use of a large number of devices and remote connections, which poses great risks to the security of the organization and its data. However, there are some board management software disadvantages you need to know about:

  1. Technical Difficulties.

Before conducting a webinar over the Internet, you must definitely establish a high-quality Internet connection. For video conferencing, a speed of 3 Mbps or more is considered good. You can measure the speed using the services. You will also need equipment: a computer that will not freeze, a headset with a microphone, and a camera.

2. Inattention of participants.

Some employees still do not take an online meeting seriously, they can often be distracted, especially if the moderator does not have the opportunity to see and hear the interlocutors on the chosen service.

3. Unseen circumstances.

Wi-Fi outages, repairs at neighbors, equipment freezing – these factors can make a webinar less productive or even disrupt an online conference.

The cost of board management software depends on several factors that should be kept in mind: how many people are expected at the meeting; what options will be used – the basic version or access to additional tools in the premium version; duration of the event; short-term or year-round access to the platform. Only by answering the above questions will you be able to estimate the cost of renting a platform. Of course, the budget should take into account the salaries of the speakers, the costs of promotion, preparation of materials (for example, presentations, videos, recordings) available before and after the event.

What Should Be Done for Effective Board Portal?

We all know that computer problems drain energy from any online meeting. If this happens, the person cannot join the meeting, the meeting will start later, if at all, and this will upset the participants. Therefore, if you are the leader of the meeting, log in 10 minutes early and have other participants do the same. This can be accomplished by scheduling the meeting to start at 9:05, while asking people to come to the meeting at 9, for example.

A board portal is defined as a digital tool that simplifies board meetings and improves their efficiency. For the board portal, it is best to agree on the agenda with key stakeholders before starting. This is very important when meeting in person and doubly important when meeting online. When you hold a meeting offline, you can understand what is happening in the meeting by observing the gestures of people, communicating with people during breaks, and feeling the atmosphere. In an online meeting, this is much more difficult. This is why it takes time to talk with key stakeholders to understand their needs, concerns, and general management style.