How to Take Good Meeting Minutes?


Meeting minutes are a godsend for modern business, they help save time, avoid unnecessary expenses and arrange a meeting in a place convenient for you.

The Best Recommendations on Taking Good Meeting Minutes

  1. Set timing and stick to it.

Based on the purpose and plan of the online meeting, create a more or less realistic timing. There is no need to shorten it and strive to finish the conference faster, especially if you understand that the topic is quite extensive and requires long discussions. Your co-workers may schedule other online meetings and important things to do right after the meeting, which can lead to a scattered focus and concentration of attendees by going outside the designated time frame.

2. Study the client.

In order not to come to a meeting empty-handed, we independently search for information about the client and his activities. We understand the image of the company, its target audience, tone of voice. For example, if there is a request to create an email campaign, we look at which letters the client sent earlier. We figure out how they were good, and what – not so good. We figure out how we could improve them.

3. Making a conversation plan.

We clearly articulate with the client what issues we will discuss at the meeting so that everyone can prepare for it. We pass this information on to our employees who will participate in the conversation. Shortly before the meeting, we agree on the plan with the client again so that there are no misunderstandings.

4. Take care of sharing.

If you are discussing some information that is accompanied by images or statistics, or if you link to external documents, make them available to all participants. Set up screen sharing so that you can direct the audience’s attention and show everyone the same page. Then you will not hear from the audience exclamations “Wait! Where are we now?” or “Wait, I need to find the page I’m looking for.” By sharing your screen, you can avoid pauses and awkward situations like this. Just remember, if you turn on screen sharing, be sure to turn off all email, telephony, or messaging apps and notifications to avoid inappropriate pop-ups.

What Should You Avoid in Meeting Minutes?

A common mistake when conducting online meetings is when you combine an online meeting and an offline meeting. This happens when many of the meeting participants are in the same room and only a few are outside. When this happens, we are tempted to put those people in the same building in the same meeting room and connect the rest online. So, we combine online and offline meetings. This can lead to problems. For example, someone who participates online will not be able to see all the participants in the meeting, because they will not be included in the frame.

Also, the online meeting participant will have difficulty hearing the one who will speak, being far from the microphone. Thus, if you are going to conduct a meeting online, then host it online. If most of the meeting participants are in the same building, have them join the meeting from different rooms and computers, but no more than three people on the same laptop. By limiting the number of meeting participants who are at the same computer, you can be sure that everyone will see each other well.